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Oxalic Acid

Oxalic Acid is used as a laundry rinse, wood-bleaching agent, calcium remover, paint remover, in ink manufacture, ink stain removal, cleaning and polishing stones, developing photographic film, and in dyeing textiles.

55 lb

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Indy Hanger, a leading name in the clothing hanger industry, has employed an innovative technique for managing rusted hangers by utilizing oxalic acid. This approach brings back the functionality of the hangers and fosters a sustainable business model by reducing waste.

How Rust Affects Businesses

Rust is a prevalent problem for metal hangers, diminishing their aesthetic value and posing a potential risk to clothing. Recognizing this issue, Indy Hanger utilizes oxalic acid, a robust dicarboxylic acid found in many plants and vegetables. It has proven highly effective in eradicating rust due to its reactivity with iron oxide, dissolving it, and leaving a clean surface.

The Oxalic Acid Cleaning Process

The cleaning process starts by soaking the rusted hangers in a warmed oxalic acid solution. Given the corrosive nature of the acid, safety measures, including the use of gloves and goggles, are strictly adhered to. The acid's properties bind with the rust, breaking it down and dissolving it into the solution.

Once soaked, we remove the hangers from the solution and thoroughly rinse them with water. This step is crucial in eliminating any remaining oxalic acid that could be harmful to clothing. After rinsing, the hangers are dried and polished, bringing back their original shine and functionality.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Indy Hanger's rust-removal process lengthens the lifespan of our hangers and exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to environmental responsibility. By refurbishing instead of discarding, we significantly reduce waste production. Moreover, the use of a naturally occurring acid like oxalic acid ensures the byproducts of the cleaning process pose minimal environmental impact.

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Our use of oxalic acid to clean rust off clothing hangers communicates a seamless blend of business practicality and eco-conscious practices. It underscores our commitment to sustainability and product quality, paving the way for other industries to adopt environmentally friendly solutions for common problems. Contact us at (317) 517-0496, or email us to learn more about our products and services.