Galvanized Industrial Hanger

Indy Hanger was born out of Innovative Fabrication, a precision sheet metal company, where tight tolerances and reading specs is what we live and die by.

The hanger industry, domestic and overseas, has earned a bad reputation for inconsistent hooks, neck twists, and hangers in general. The poor formation quality of these hangers result in jam-ups that cause garments to “rain” down from above at your cleaning centers costing you time and money! We check roughly every 200 hangers for formation quality. That represents 2 checks per box which is why our hanger runs in your system the first time and every time!

If image is important to your company along with a value added uniform hanger then you should try our Galvanized Industrial Hanger. The perfect fit for your Industry and a Hanger that won’t stain your garments.

Feature Benefit
“No Rust” Hanger Reduce Garment Damage Loss/Increase Profit
Manufactured to Tighter Tolerances Multiple Hanger Re-use/Reduce Hanger Expense
Made in the USA w/US wire Support American Workers
Hangers Look Like Chrome Garments “Show” Well on the Hangers/Enhance Your Image of Quality
Clear Coat Latex doesn’t collect lint and stays on the hanger over many uses so trousers stay on the hanger Multiple Hanger Re-use/Reduce Hanger Expense and Increase Your Operational Efficiency