Welcome to Indy Hanger's comprehensive selection of ancillary products tailored for commercial laundry businesses. We have decades of experience providing laundries with the high-quality products they need to operate efficiently and effectively!

Quality Ancillary Products with Indy Hanger

Indy Hanger & Supply offers a full range of hangers, chemicals, ancillary items, and more to customers throughout the U.S. We provide industrial laundries and dry cleaners across the nation with the quality products and quick turnaround times they deserve.

Our inventory of ancillary products includes everything your business needs to provide effective laundry services. From check-in tools to packaging items, clothing racks, and beyond, we can help make sure your laundry runs smoothly. Our offerings include:

Counter/Check-In Tools

Equip your operation with staplers, needles, tagging guns, and more for efficient check-in processes.

Safety Pins

Secure garments with ease using our durable and reliable safety pins.

Packaging Items

Enhance presentation and organization with cuff clips, skirt clips, collar strips, and other packaging essentials.

Pressing Tools

Achieve impeccable results with steam irons, ironing boards, brushes, and other pressing necessities.

Clothing Racks and Accessories

Optimize your space and workflow with our range of racks, bag stands, hanger caddies, and dividers.

Rubber Bands

Keep garments neatly bundled or secure other items with our high-quality rubber bands.

Twist Ties

Streamline packaging and bundling tasks with our convenient and versatile twist ties.

Why Choose Indy Hanger & Supply?

At Indy Hanger, we understand the diverse needs of laundry businesses. We meticulously select our ancillary products to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and elevate the quality of your services. We design them to meet each laundry or dry cleaner’s specific requirements.

Experience the difference with Indy Hanger's ancillary products – the essential companions for your commercial laundry success. Ready to explore our offerings? Give us a call at (855) 447-8775 or use our online contact form to get started today!