At Indy Hanger, we supply high-quality liners designed to meet the diverse needs of commercial laundries and dry cleaners.  

Our Comprehensive Selection of Liners 

Our extensive range of liners ensures that we carry the perfect solution for any application. Explore our offerings below: 

Can/Drum Liners 

Our can and drum liners help in managing large volumes of laundry waste. Made from durable materials, these liners can withstand heavy loads and prevent leaks. Whether you're dealing with wet or dry laundry, our can and drum liners ensure easy and mess-free disposal. 

Cart Liners 

For efficient and hygienic transport of linens, towels, and uniforms, our cart liners provide an effective solution. These liners fit seamlessly into laundry carts, offering a clean and protective layer that prevents contamination and keeps laundry items secure during transit. 

T-Shirt Bags 

Our t-shirt bags provide a versatile and economical solution for carrying and storing laundry items. These bags offer ease of use and a lightweight design. They stand out as a popular choice among dry cleaners thanks to their convenient design and sturdy construction. 

Water Soluble Bags 

Our water soluble bags help with handling soiled or contaminated laundry. These eco-friendly bags dissolve in water, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring safe handling. They serve healthcare facilities, hotels, and other establishments prioritizing hygiene and safety. 

Wicket Bags 

Our wicket bags offer a practical solution for bulk packaging of laundry items. These bags, designed for durability and space efficiency, feature perforations on a wicket for easy dispensing. Ideal for high-volume operations, they streamline the packaging process. 

Choose Quality Liners with Indy Hanger 

At Indy Hanger, we commit ourselves to providing top-quality liners that enhance the efficiency and hygiene of your laundry operations. Trust us to deliver solutions that meet your needs with durability and convenience. Contact us today to learn more about our range of liners.