Fort Worth has been using Indy Hangers for 3 years now.
Their customer service and quality of their product are wonderful. If we are ever in need of anything special or have any questions regarding a shipment, Indy Hanger waste no time taking action accordingly.They are very pleasant to work with, and have shown that they will go the extra mile to take care of our business.

Industrial Cleaning Center in Fort Worth TX

Indy Hanger and their partners have been a great deal of help with their flexibility and quick responses to our needs. Their managers are always going that extra mile. The hangers get the job done without rust and signs of how many uses its been through, Our Partners and customers appreciate the product appearance and strength. Indy Hanger has got it right!

Industrial Cleaning Center in Bedford Park IL

"The splintered paint from our old hangers was slicing operators' hands. Clearly a safety issue. When we started using the Indy Hanger, our operators were amazed! Their hands healed and morale has soared. No more paint chips in their hands has made me a hero!"

Ashland, KY Cleaning Center

"We put the Indy Hanger galvanized hanger to the toughest test - we clean our dirty garments on the hanger. This puts the hanger through the most extreme environment. Using the Indy Hanger versus the old painted hanger has allowed us to cut our hanger usage in half! We salved money because we had to buy fewer hangers and we had no garment losses due to rust stains!"

4 Industrial Cleaning Centers in the Midwest

"We ran Indy Hanger galvanized hangers through our system at least 12 times last year and still had no rust stains on our garments. Many of those hangers are in use today!"

Industrial Cleaning Center Route Driver (Indianapolis, IN)

"Indy Hanger is stronger in tensile strength than competitor products."

Unifirst Corporate Headquarters Independent Testing Agency Assessment of Hanger Tensile Strength -- 2009

"We wanted a hanger that wouldn't rust in the salty air of our coastal town. New painted hangers always come to us with raw steel showing somewhere because they're painted prior to forming. Once the raw metal is exposed to our salty air and passes through our steam tunnels, the hangers begin to rust damaging garments in route to our customers! Indy Hanger's galvanized hangers are the solution for us!"

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