Ordering Help

As of January 25, 2013 we have completely rebuilt our website including online order form.  If you had an account with us prior to this date (on the old website), you will still need to setup a new account by simply processing a new order, which you can do here.  Once you submit your first order on the new website, you will be emailed a customer number and password that you can use for all future orders.  This will enable faster ordering because it will automatically populate your shipping information.  IT IS NO LONGER MANDATORY FOR YOU TO USE YOUR CUSTOMER NUMBER/PASSWORD.  You can use your customer number/password, or you can skip that step and put in a manual order even though you already have an account.  Either will work the same; it is a convenience benefit only.

If you would like to change your customer number and/or password, you can contact us (317) 215-5988 and we will gladly edit these credentials to meet your requirements.

Thank you for choosing Indy Hanger!